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17th April

  Oxford Council Plays Herod in Church Passion Play...

Incompetence sees Easter church play banned on a misinformed whim
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oxford city council logoAn Oxford church has had to cancel its Passion play after a council worker in charge of censorship apparently thought that it was a sex show and could cause grave offence .

The performance, telling the story of the crucifixion of Christ, had been planned for Good Friday by St Stephen's House Theological College and Saints Mary and John Church in Oxford.

The worker in question apparently did not know that a Passion play was a religious affair, and thought it was an obscene production.

The Oxford performance was previously held in 2012, without a licence, when an audience of some 200 watched Jesus, haul a wooden cross from Cowley Road Methodist church to Saints Mary and John. This year, the organisers decided to stage a repeat, but were told they must apply to the council's censors for a licence, and were astonished when they were turned down.

A church source told MailOnline:

A council official didn't read the paperwork properly and didn't realise it was a religious play, so told us we needed an events licence when we didn't. If they'd told us 24 hours earlier, we would have had time to apply for and get one, but we ran out of time. It's frustrating because we didn't need one in any case - they just hadn't read what the play was about.

LMPs and religious groups criticised the unbelievable actions of Oxford City Council. Local government minister Brandon Lewis said:

This is typical health and safety bureaucracy that one can sadly expect from a Labour run-council.

Julian Alison, licensing team leader at Oxford City Council, apologised:

I would like to apologise for a wrong decision that I made late on Friday afternoon in relation to the planned Passion play on Cowley Road.

At the time of processing the application, I did not appreciate that this was a religious event. I made a mistake and by the time I realised my mistake, the organisers had cancelled the event. Such a mistake will not happen again.

This statement surely asks a lot of questions about how one person is given the power to censor productions on a personal whim, and without due consideration, just because she thought there was a sexual connection. She should be forced to pay compensation for her gross negligence to all those participants who have wasted their time and effort.


15th April

 Update: Illegal Punishments...

The UN criticises Brunei for introducing barbaric penalties for crimes such as insulting religious figures and gay sex
Link Here  full story: Sharia in Brunei...Historic to introduce barbaric punishments
UN logoBrunei has adopted a new penal code that calls for death by stoning for same-sex relations which will come into effect April 22, reports

Same-sex relations have long been a crime in Brunei, but the maximum punishment till now has been a 10-year prison sentence.

The United Nations human rights office has voiced deep concern about the revised penal code in Brunei Darussalam which stipulates the death penalty for numerous offenses, including robbery, adultery and insult or defamation of the religious character Mohammed, reports It introduces stoning to death as the specific method of execution for crimes of a sexual nature, including those of same-sex relations.

Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said:

Application of the death penalty for such a broad range of offenses contravenes international law.

We urge the Government to delay the entry into force of the revised penal code and to conduct a comprehensive review ensuring its compliance with international human rights standards.

Under international law, stoning people to death constitutes torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and is thus clearly prohibited.


14th April

  Murder Spree...

Kansas gunman kills three at jewish community center
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jewish community center logoHatred inspired a 73-year-old man to open fire outside a Jewish community center in Kansas, killing a teen and his grandfather, authorities say.

Witnesses say Frazier Glenn Cross, who also goes by the last name Miller, yelled a Nazi salute after the shooting Sunday in Overland Park, one day before the start of Passover. Police say Cross then drove to a nearby Jewish assisted-living facility, shooting another victim to death before surrendering to authorities.

The well-known white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader was later recorded screaming Heil Hitler! during his arrest.


14th April

 Offsite Article: Luton on Sunday newspaper bows to Luton Taliban...

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luton on sunday logo Mainstream muslims force newspaper to apologise for running advert from ahmadi muslims

See article from


12th April

  Don't tell mama that they are exaggerating...

PCC reject complaint about Telegraph criticising exaggerated claims of islamaphobia
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tell mama logoAndrew Gilligan in the Telegraph reported that Tell Mama, a project purporting to measure anti-Muslim attacks, had exaggerated the scale and nature of attacks against Muslims both before and after the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Also it was noted that Tell Mama's public funding had not been renewed after government officials raised similar concerns about its methods.

Tell Mama's Twitter feed claimed that a Muslim woman had been knocked unconscious in Bolton, a claim recycled in the Guardian. The scale of the backlash is astounding, founder Fiyaz Mughaltold the BBC. There has been a massive spike in anti-Muslim prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped Muslim communities. According to Mughal, the unprecedented spike proved British society's underlying Islamophobia . These claims, and Tell Mama's figures, were unquestioningly repeated across the media.

What Tell Mama and Mughal did not tell us at the time, however, was that 57% of its 212 incidents took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook. They did not say that a further 16% of the 212 reports had not been verified. They forgot to mention that not all the online abuse even originated in Britain. Contrary to the group's claim of an unending cycle of violence and a wave of attacks , only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8%, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone serious enough to require medical treatment. The supposed Bolton attack never happened. There were a further 13 attacks on Islamic buildings, four of them serious.

Mughal wasn't best pleased with the Telegraph reporting. In a typically bullying campaign, he got his supporters to write round-robin emails to the paper accusing th epaper of behaviour better suited to the days of 1930s Germany, and submitted what would became a 10-month, 127-page Press Complaints Commission complaint, full of the same misrepresentation and bluster that characterised his earlier media performances.

Last week he was comprehensively defeated on all points. The PCC ruled that our reporting that Mughal exaggerated the prevalence of anti-Muslim attacks, that he had not had his funding renewed, and that DCLG officials had expressed concern about his methods, was not inaccurate.