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No News Wednesday 22nd October...

News Sunday 19th October...

US News US California state seal
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Man jailed in California for being an atheist
After politely opposing the religious aspects of a mandatory drugs treatment program

Watching Religious Censorship

Religious Watch seeks respect for the basic human right of freedom of religion, and this  includes the right not to participate.

This site records examples of those that seek to censor the views of others in the name of religion.


"People are fed up with religion. The bar-room talk is that it causes too much trouble in the world"
(The Reverend Ian Gregory)

"Most self-designated Christians seem to have found ways to spin the doctrine that allows them to be as belligerent, violent, intolerant, and murderous as Herod himself. In my personal experience (and I was raised Christian) it's easier to find an atheist practicing the teachings of Jesus than a Christian."
(Philip Slater, Huffington Post)

"Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, regardless if it is right". (Quoted by Al Stefaneli, The God Discussion)

"It's not consumerism that makes millions of people turn away from their churches. It's not relativism. Or narcissism. Or secularism. It's common sense. These churches ask their worshippers to believe in things that are ridiculous. The acid burning through the spiritual life of the West is reason". (Michael Miner, Chicago Reader)


News Wednesday 15th October...

South Asia Pakistan Pakistan flag
Petition: Losing faith in humanity
Save British man Mohammad Asghar from execution for blasphemy in Pakistan

News Sunday 12th October...

Australia News Aussie Australia flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: What to do when holy books break the law
Australia's terrorism laws could criminalise preaching from Qur'an. National imams council tells parliamentary committee that Muslim preachers on social justice could face charges

News Tuesday 30th September...

UK News UK China flag
Update: Religious ASBOs
Theresa May responds to China's call to censor religious extremism on the internet
World News Ireland ireland dept of justice logo
Update: Divine Inspiration
Irish Government to hold a referendum on abolishing the crime of blasphemy

News Monday 29th September...

World News Maldives Maldives flag
Adverse Effects
The Maldives is set to introduce book censorship
World News Malaysia pork breakfast
Update: Smart and Pragmatic
Malaysian blogger charged with sedition for a joke on his blog flees to the US


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